How Cheers Work


No app installation neccessary to use Cheers on the Web

To use Cheers, the process is simple:

  1. Create an account.
  2. Install the bot on your Slack.

After creating your account on the web, simply install the bot in your team’s Slack workspace and you are good to go.

Let the engagement begin!


If your organization uses Slack, you can use Slack too.

Let's make work cool again

Cheers for Leaders

As a founder or a C-suite leader, Cheers helps you get real-time Insights into the day-to-day experience of your team members and their varying states of mind as they work towards your team’s goals.

Cheers for HR

We want to empower millions of HR professionals around the world with the tools to build fantastic team culture, transform the employee experience through constant receipt of useful feedback.

Cheers for Employees

With Cheers, you are more than just a name on the payroll. You are a unique individual whose wellbeing matters too. We have features that will help you engage your team’s leadership consistently.

Frequently asked questions

Think of cheers as a “mood-o-meter” that lives in your Slack workplace. The app is always present to listen to you express your feelings through responses to pre-loaded questions or through emojis.

To use the Cheers app, an admin (Founder, CEO, HR) will have to create an account for the team. After completing the sign up process, you will get a link to install a bot in your company's Slack workspace.

Slack is free for teams that have less than 10 users. Teams with a higher number will pay 5,000 NGN every month or 50,000 every year.

For now, our bot only integrates with Slack. No need to worry, we would integrate with your favourite communication tools very soon.

On Cheers, employee responses are anonymously delivered to the admin. This is to help everyone express themselves more freely. This in turn would help the employers receive more useful feedback.

The responses are received by the company's admin account. The admin dashboard is designed to provide very useful analytics to the company's leadership.

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