Make your team happier, and better.

Cheers helps you continuously collect real-time feedback about your employee’s feelings. Our technology helps you intentionally build and scale your team’s culture by aggregating all the cool stuff your people like.

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Build a happier team

In today's age of increasingly remote mode of work, it is important to keep the team engaged and consistently motivated. Cheers help you maintain this engagement by collecting responses to pre-set questions about their wellbeing.

The onboarding process on Cheers is very simple - the company's "admin" registers on the web and installs a bot in the company slack workspace. Very soon, we would add all you other communication tools.

Why Cheers?

No app installations

On mobile, your team members can simply use Slack.

Easy Scheduling

HR can ask specific questions for specific teams and schedule them for when it is most convenient and relevant to the employees.

Import from slack

Employees from Slack do not have to create new accounts to enjoy using Cheers.

No disruption

Your employees can answer questions at any time without being disturbed.

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Does happiness mean a lot to your company’s culture? Can’t wait to use Cheers? You can enjoy the awesomeness we’re building for you by creating a company account on the web and integrating our bot with your Slack workspace.

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